We will be there for you ...

Here at Victory Counselling, we firmly believe that our organisation is like a lighthouse shining a beacon of hope and light into your life.

Our team members are like lighthouse keepers, offering skills and knowledge, supporting you through any storm that you may be experiencing to lead you into calmer waters and the safety of the harbour.

Victory Counselling provides Holistic Family-centred Counselling services to the people of Summerside which also extends to the regional areas of the western and eastern parts of Prince Edward Island.

Counsellors at Victory Counselling are professionally trained in several disciplines to help you and your loved ones through whatever issues you are experiencing.

Our team has a wealth of life experience and each of our Counsellors brings understanding and compassion for what is happening in your life.  They are trained in a wide variety of techniques to help you share the impacts of your experiences in a safe, supportive non-judgmental environment.

Our Counsellors are professionals, bound by professional standards, so that you can be confident that what you share with your counsellor is respected, valued and kept confidential.

The team at Victory Counselling will guide you through the rough seas into calmer waters, encouraging you to safely and securely rebuild your life in a positive direction.

Victory Counselling has an excellent network with other health care and counselling services.  We can refer you on to other services if you require them.